How To Decide Between Window Styles

If you’re currently touring potential houses or apartments, you may be surprised how often you notice the windows. The way a house does or does not let in light makes a huge impact on each room. You may be spending more time thinking about this than expected, so here are some helpful tips on how to decide between window styles.

Awning Windows

If you want a home that feels a little more connected to nature, awning windows could be a very attractive feature. Awning windows allow for natural airflow by opening horizontally from the bottom. They’re often elegant fixtures in living rooms, and their tightly sealed single panes also increase energy efficiency. If this interests you, awning windows in Colorado Springs can be installed by The Window Source of the Rockies.

Casement Windows

By turning a crank, you can pivot casement windows outward on a vertical axis. Their 90-degree angle offers the perfect opportunity to lean outward and breathe in the fresh air. If you want your windows to access the outside as much as possible, this type might be your best option.

Double-Hung Windows

Are you looking for windows that exemplify the classic American style? The double-hung style may be right up your alley. Made from two sashes that slide vertically either up from the bottom or down from the top, these windows can be found in century-old homes across the United States.

Garden Windows

This type of window extends from the house and is a great choice for people who want extra sunlight, especially if they need a place to put indoor plants. Garden windows often look their most elegant when hanging over kitchen sinks. If you choose a home with garden windows, however, just make sure they don’t extend into high-traffic walkways, such as over the patio or into the sidewalk.

Sliding Windows

If you’re looking for a home with more vertical than horizontal space, sliding windows should stay on your radar. These windows slide from left to right to create a wide, gorgeous view.

Picture Windows

It’s difficult to go wrong with a beautiful picture window. Because they are built to act as a frame for spectacular vistas, picture windows cannot be opened; they’re sealed within their frames. While this may detract some nature lovers, it saves homeowners from energy costs.

Looking for the right place to live is never an easy process. Among the so many other factors to consider, how to decide between window styles is just one of them. Still, hopefully, this article has given you an idea of what to look for.