Ways New Windows Can Save You Money

Drafty windows can let the heat out of your house during the winter, and argon or krypton-filled windows can turn your house into a sauna in the summer. Whether you wind up needing to crank up the heat or the air conditioning, these older, cheaply made windows are costing you money. When you’re ready to replace them, keep in mind the ways new windows can save you money.

Heating and Cooling Costs

As stated above, using old, poorly made windows is a surefire way to increase the cost of your electric bill every month. If construction on your house began after 1990, the construction team that built it probably used the cheapest windows they could get to lower the building costs. This is a common practice even to this day. Replace your windows with new ones that have strong UV resistance. This will keep more radiation out of your home and keep your furniture and pictures from fading as quickly.

Long-Term Warranties

When you’re choosing your new windows, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any that have long-term warranties. These warranties will keep you from having to replace the windows in your home. At Window Source of the Rockies, your new windows in Colorado Springs come with a lifetime warranty. This means that your windows will last as long as your house does, so you never have to worry about getting new windows again.

Home Value

One of the most common tactics for increasing the value of your home before a sale is replacing the windows. Most buyers do not want to incur the cost themselves and may be looking for a house with little fixing-up to do. Homebuyers often want to know when the roof, plumbing, and windows were last redone, so the more recently you can tell them, the better! This is one of the more overlooked ways new windows can save you money.

If you’re hesitant about replacing your old windows, don’t be. While the cost may seem intimidating at first, you may actually end up saving yourself some money over time. By saving on heating and cooling costs, taking advantage of warranties, and adding value to your home, new windows are clearly an investment that is ultimately worth making.