The Signs of a Poor Patio Door Installation

It’s usually a positive change when you get that new patio door you’ve been needing—as long as it’s installed correctly. Unfortunately, poor patio door installation is an issue that can arise with the wrong company. The installers might have made measurement errors or installed a poor product. Listen for abnormal noises and look for things like scuffs and cracks so that you can get problems fixed in due time. Learn more about the signs of a poor patio door installation to identify any installer mistakes.

Air Leaks

An air leak is one of the most common patio door issues. You may notice your energy bill going up since the installation. You will likely feel a cool draft when you walk by. You can also sometimes hear air leaks between the door and frame. This error happens when the installer sets the door in its frame wrong and doesn’t seal all cracks.

Floor Marks

If your patio door opens and closes French-style, or like a single action door, then you want to look for floor marks. Check the floor for scuffs and scratches at the entryway. If you notice them, then your door was installed wrong. The bottom edge should be parallel to the floor.

Opens Loudly

A door opening loudly is one of the most obvious signs of a poor patio door installation. When your door creaks, it means the hinges and frames were misaligned. If you have sliding doors, you should make sure there are no squeaks. Those sounds can indicate errors like off-kilter alignment between rollers and tracks or inadequate lubrication.

Difficult to Operate

There is clearly an issue when your door is difficult to operate. Luckily, this is something you tend to notice the day it’s installed, so you should bring it to the attention of your installer. Sliding doors should open smoothly, and single-action doors shouldn’t swing loosely or feel too heavy. All doors should be easy to close as well as lock. To determine the error, check for crooked panels, uneven gaps by the frame, damaged hinges, or loose screws.

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