The Different Types of Window Styles

We utilize the windows in our homes every day, yet we don’t often think about their function. In fact, there are many styles of windows designed for different needs in various types of homes. Once you understand the various styles of windows, you may find that one will work better than what you currently have. For the different types of window styles, read below.

Single-Sash Window

This is a popular window design that consists of two panels, generally in a vertical arrangement. English inventor Robert Hooke designed the concept in the 17th century. Its simple yet practical design has made it a preferred window style to this day. It has a panel at the bottom that moves up to create air flow, while the top panel stays in place.

Double-Hung Windows

One of the most frequently used window styles is the double-hung window. This window style features two sashes that can slide vertically up and down in the frame. You can open these windows from the top or the bottom without any protrusion inside or outside the house.

Casement Windows

A casement window is attached to the frame on hinges. The hinge is on the outside so that the window can open outward. The window is operated by a crank mechanism. Casement windows are good options for people with physical struggles, which could make a window that has to be pushed up and down problematic. These windows also have the benefit of letting in a large amount of light.

Awning Windows

Out of the different types of window styles, awning windows have a unique design. These windows have a hinge at the top. They open outward, allowing airflow from the left, right, or bottom. Awning windows use a crank mechanism, which makes them very simple to open and close. They’re wise options in areas that need good air circulation.

Slider Windows

These windows are designed to easily slide on a track. Slider windows generally have two panes, with one designed to slide horizontally past the other. Sliding windows need to be well-maintained for them to continue to operate properly. Keep their tracks clean of grime and debris, which can make them harder to slide back and forth.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are built to be stationary, but they do have their benefits. The main point of picture windows is to let in as much light as possible. Since they don’t open, there are no mechanical parts to be concerned about, and they’re less expensive.

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