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Sliding Window Installation in Colorado Springs

What is a sliding window?

Slider windows are vinyl construction windows with sashes that slide independently left to right. People also refer to them as “sliding windows,” “slide to slide windows,” and “gliding windows.” The slider window style provides a contemporary look and many flexible options for combining with other window styles, such as picture windows.

Slider windows are popular for areas of your home with more horizontal than vertical space. Slider windows are often added to the sides of picture windows to create a wide window that offers a huge view and great ventilation. Additionally, a quality custom slider window will allow you to vent from either side, making cleaning from the inside a breeze!

Why choose our custom slider windows?

It’s no secret that, at The Window Source of The Rockies, we offer the best vinyl replacement slider windows in all of Colorado Springs. Our custom windows feature the highest quality at affordable prices. For years, our skilled team has offered quality products and exemplary service. We also strive to maintain total customer satisfaction, from the moment we begin our first conversation to taking measurements in your home to the unveiling of the final product view. In short, we are here to provide support every step of the way. Use our updated website to easily browse our window products and services.

Sliding Window Graphic by The Window Source of The Rockies
Sliding Windows in a Kitchen by The Window Source of The Rockies

Double the options with a Two-Lite Slider

You’ll love the versatility of the Two-Lite Slider, which allows you to move the sashes in either direction, allowing for ventilation on either side of the equal-sizes sashes.

Three-Lite Sliders

Our three-lite sliding window has the best of both worlds, with one stationary section and two slider sections that can be operated from either side of the window. The three lite slider can have a fixed center up to two times the width of the fixed center allowing for two operative sashes that are 1/4 of the size. Other options include a three-lite slider with equal-sized sashes.

Sliding Windows in a study room by The Window Source of The Rockies

Why Our Sliding Windows Are Perfect For Your Home:

Sliding Windows in a Bathroom by The Window Source of The Rockies
  • Your new Sliding windows can be customized in various configurations to suit any space.

  • Energy-efficient design allows you to save on costs and keep your home comfortable.

  • Provides superior strength and durability against wind and weather.

  • Easy operation on dual roller, interlocking design for enhanced weather-tight construction, and secure locking system ensures years of comfort and ease of operation.

  • Unlike wood, our high-quality vinyl components never chip, peel, crack, or warp.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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