Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Picture Window

If you have a picture window, then you know that it can really enhance your home’s appearance. However, just like everything else in your home, there will come a day where you need to replace it.

It might seem challenging to determine when to replace your picture window, but there are a few telltale signs. Read on to learn the signs it’s time to replace your picture window.

You Feel a Breeze Indoors

Feeling a breeze inside your home isn’t normal unless you turn on your AC. If you feel one near your window, then the seal around the frame might be damaged, which means you need to replace the window. In addition, a damaged window will put added strain on your HVAC system, which leads to costlier energy bills during the colder months.

Outdoor Noises Seem Louder

If you feel like the noise outside seems louder than usual, this is another sign it’s time to replace your picture window. If you live in a busy city, noises outside your home can be quite loud and bothersome.

The excess noise enters your home because the window isn’t providing enough insulation. If you hear barking dogs, honking cars, or other traffic sounds inside your home, you need to replace your window.

Condensation Builds Up Between the Glass Panes

When it’s colder outside than in your home, condensation builds up outside your window. This is a normal process, but if condensation is building up between the glass panes, then this could mean that your glazing is becoming less effective.

Moisture enters between the glass panes when the seal around your window breaks. Replacing your picture window will prevent this issue from occurring. The last thing you want is for mold or mildew to build up inside your home and make you sick. But if you don’t address the condensation issue, the moisture can cause this potential hazard to become a reality.

Overall, you don’t have to wait for an emergency just to replace your windows. You and your home deserve better, so if you’re looking for picture windows in Colorado Springs, go ahead and change yours today!