Decorating Picture Windows: A Quick Guide

If you had picture windows recently installed by The Window Source of the Rockies, you may be wondering how I decorate my new picture window. You are not alone. Homeowners have no trouble sprucing up their sliding or casement windows. However, decorating your picture windows may be a bit of a challenge, if you have them in your home. With this in mind, here are some tips on decorating picture windows.

Try Framing Your Picture Window

If you are trying to draw more attention to your windows, adding an eye-catching frame is a great way to do so. You could also place decorative wallpaper on the surrounding wall to help make it stand out. Creating a contrast between the color of your frame and your wallpaper will help you further emphasize this area.

Add Beautiful Drapes

As you would with a casement window, surrounding your picture windows with beautiful drapes will add an interesting look. To mystify the size of your window, flank the sides of it with drapes that hide the edges of the window. This will make your window appear wider because the end of the window isn’t visible.

Put a Valance on Top

Placing a valance on top of your picture window will have a similar effect as the drapes. However, you should make sure that the valance isn’t too low, or else it might block out some of the natural light from your window.

If you have picture windows in Colorado Springs, you don’t want a valance to cover your view of the scenic Rocky Mountains. To avoid blocking the view, place your curtain rod high enough so you can still see plenty of the window, but cover the top edge. Just like what curtains do to the impression of width, a valance can make your window appear taller.

Install Rustic Shutters

Boring shutters can be detrimental to the appearance of your picture windows, but if you are clever with their placement, they can benefit the window’s appearance immensely. For the best impact, use wooden shutters with an aged look. Shutters will also help you control how much light can enter through your windows.

Overall, picture windows are a fantastic addition to your home if there is plenty of natural beauty in the area. With this quick guide on decorating picture windows, you should be able to make your windows look outstanding.