Part 1 – Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Can You Read Them?

You probably already know some of the signs that you need a new door or windows; some are obvious, but others are not. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is most likely time for an upgrade. In Part One we’ll talk about the performance of your windows, and how they impact your convenience. Stay tuned for Part Two, in which we’ll talk about safety and appearance.

Convenience and Performance

High Energy Bills

One of the surest ways to determine it’s time to replace your windows is fog, condensation, or frost appearing on the glass. These are all clear signs that your windows are not only energy inefficient, but are putting you at risk for mold and mildew growth. If you haven’t seen condensation yet, there are still a couple tricks to determine if your windows are not doing their part in protecting your home from moisture and keeping your energy bills down:

First, stand next to a window in a tee shirt on a chilly day. Are you colder there than in the center of the room? Now touch the glass. If it’s the same temperature as outside, there’s a problem.

Second, take a lit candle or burning stick of incense and hold it up near the window frame. If the flame flickers or the smoke changes directions, that’s proof that you have a draft.

In addition to the unpleasantness of a drafty house, no one wants to waste money pumping extra heat into their home to pick up their window’s slack. As with many other types of window repairs, it is ultimately more cost-effective to replace rather than repair.

At Window Source of the Rockies, we offer Energy Star-certified, Low-Emissivity (Low-E) windows that will keep your house warm and your bills low. To learn more about Energy Star Certification standards, click here.

Repeated Repairs and Part Replacements

If you’ve had to repair parts of your windows more than once, that’s a good sign that they need to be replaced. The fact is that many types of repairs are only a temporary fix, and by continuing to repair instead of replace, you’ll incur repeated expenses that will add up fast. Not to mention that the older a window gets, the higher the probability that replacement parts will become unavailable. More often than not, the most financially sound option is to replace the entire window.


If you live in a populated area, as most of us do, you probably have to deal with a certain degree of noise pollution. Try standing next to your window, and wait for a car to drive by. If it sounds like you’re standing by the side of the road, your windows aren’t doing their job. We offer Argon gas-infused double and triple-paned glass that reduces outside noise (in addition to other benefits) and will give you the peaceful home environment you desire. Unfamiliar with Argon gas? Click here to learn more.

Difficulty Cleaning

As windows age, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove water stains. You can try to get them out yourself, but this is difficult and may result in scratching. Alternatively, you can spend money on a professional cleaner, but even they are not always successful in completely removing stains. Plus, if windows are old enough to have water stains, chances are their integrity has deteriorated in other ways and it’s time for a replacement anyway.

In Conclusion

Any of these issues are likely signs that your windows need to be replaced, but there are even more things to consider! Coming soon in Part 2 we’ll discuss what you can learn about the integrity of your windows based on safety and appearance. If you have any questions or you’re ready to get started on your replacement, give us a call at (719) 465-3713!