How To Prepare Your Home for Window Replacement

When you’ve decided it’s time for a window replacement, it’s wise to have everything in order before the installer arrives so the installation process can go that much smoother. There are several areas of your home you must inspect to prevent damages and ensure a quality installation. Learn how to prepare your home for window replacement by reading below.

Keep the Area Clear for Installers

Consider everything you must remove from around the window, including any furniture, plants, rugs, tables, or anything else that could be an obstruction. Don’t forget to consider the exterior of your home where the window is, either. Any outdoor items such as plants, wreaths, or sculptures needs to be taken down or removed. Window installers need all the space possible to bring in needed equipment including ladders, scaffolding, and lift mechanisms, especially if they’re replacing windows on upper levels. Making the job as easy as possible for them will allow for better quality work.

Take Down Wall Decorations and Remove Window Treatments

Another way you need to get the space ready for a window installation is by clearing anything on your walls that hang around the window. This could be anything such as window treatments, curtains, sheers, and blinds. This also means clearing any hanging décor. If you really want to minimize the likelihood of any issues or damages to items you have decorating the walls, it’s best to remove all wall decorations in the room with the window that’s going to get installed. Wall vibrations from the pounding can cause items to fall and get damaged.

Cover What You Need To

This is a key part of how to prepare your home for window replacement. You need to make sure all the proper areas are covered. Window installers generally bring in drop cloths and drape them around the work area to keep messes at a minimum. Double check and ask the installer if you don’t see them laying any down at first. These coverings will protect the area from dust and debris, which will appear in high amounts when pieces are being pounded and pulled out of the window frame. It’ll be important to cover floors, and especially sinks and counter areas if you’re replacing a kitchen window. If need be, put down your own drop cloths to cover the floors, furniture, or anything else you think might be a concern. Try protecting the exterior plants or flowerbeds with plastic sheets or even tarps (make sure they aren’t too heavy; you don’t want to accidently crush any flowers).

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