How To Increase Natural Sunlight Without Losing Privacy

Homeowners that want to add new windows so that they can increase their home’s natural light run into a problem—the more they open their homes, the more people can look in. You should never have to sacrifice your privacy to enjoy natural sunlight. To help you get around this problem, we provide some ideas on how to increase natural sunlight without losing privacy.

Include Light-Colored Window Treatments

By dressing your new windows with light-colored window treatments, you’re entirely blocking your neighbor’s view while still allowing sunlight to seep in. Curtains and drapes made from lightweight and light-colored materials may still block the sun a bit, but not anywhere near as much as dark curtains. So long as they match the room’s interior, nobody will think they have any purpose beyond decoration.

Install Frosted Glass Windows

If you want your new windows to retain your privacy while still allowing for natural light, frosted glass windows may be the way to go. Available in an array of patterns and designs, frosted glass windows will bring in nearly all the light of a regular window but with no possible invasion of privacy. One downside, however, is the patterned designs will slightly block your view of the outside as well.

Increase Your Mirrors

Smart homeowners know they can increase the appearance of natural light in their homes by placing their mirrors strategically around rooms. When sunlight hits the mirrors in your home, the light from the sun reflects back and brightens the space. Therefore, if you put mirrors on the walls opposite your windows, natural light will increase in your home without forcing you to sacrifice privacy.

Plant Some Shrubs

This is the least compromising option on this list of how to increase natural sunlight without losing privacy. When you add tall bushes outside your new windows, you get all the sunlight you want but don’t offer your neighbors a view of your home’s interior. With this method, you can feel free to open your windows wide, knowing that the shrubs completely obstruct you from their sight. Just make sure the bushes aren’t too close. You still want to see outside, after all.

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