How Pet Doors Will Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Dogs are a major commitment. While we like to think of man’s best friend as our ever-faithful companion, in truth, a strong relationship between an owner and his dog requires a great deal of attention and support paid to the canine. If you do not have the time to walk or play with your dog several times a day, you may want to learn how pet doors will improve your pet’s quality of life.

More Exercise

Many dog owners are all-too-familiar with “the zoomies”—that moment in the day where a dog races around the house, running from room to room, and sometimes ripping apart furniture along the way. Zoomies, known scientifically as frenetic random activity periods (FRAPS), is a dog’s way of releasing pent-up energy.

Often, dogs feel the need to release this energy because they did not get enough exercise throughout the day. If a dog does not find an outlet for all its excitement, its enthusiasm comes out as destruction. With a pet door installed by The Window Source of the Rockies, a window company in Colorado Springs, a dog’s quality of life improves because, throughout the day, they are able to run around, chase after squirrels, and eventually tire themselves.

Fewer Bathroom Accidents

It can be very uncomfortable for a dog to hold in their urine or stools, and nothing tarnishes a canine-human relationship more than difficult potty problems. With a pet door, dogs can leave the house to do their business at whatever time they feel comfortable. As human beings, we all recognize how easy access to our toilets has improved our quality of life. Why shouldn’t the same be true for our pets?

More Mental Stimulation

Dogs, like humans, can suffer from mental illness. If a dog spends too much time inside, it may grow bored, which increases its risk of depression or anxiety. This manifests in weight gain, aggressive behavior, or a loss of enthusiasm for activities that typically excite them.

Dogs need plenty of time outside, particularly with humans, to stay mentally stimulated. But if you are not able to go outside with your dog, with a simple installation, you can see how pet doors will improve your pet’s quality of life. Dogs that have easy access to the outdoors feel a greater sense of mental well-being and calm.

Offers Safety From Dangers Inside and Outside

Pet doors are also great for keeping your pet safe from dangerous elements within and outside the house. In the event of a fire, a pet door will allow your dog to escape. If the dog is outside during dangerous weather conditions, like a thunderstorm, they can quickly find cover in the house by jumping back in through their own door.