How Insulation Saves You Money on Your Electricity Bill

Too many homeowners feel a terrible sense of dread every time they turn up the thermostat. Although nobody wants to be uncomfortably cold, an expensive electricity bill can feel like a worse alternative. But there is a way to both save on electricity and stay warm. Homeowners who find themselves deciding between their well-being and their wallets should learn how insulation saves money on your electricity bill.

What Is Insulation?

Home insulation involves plugging pockets in the walls where hot air might escape. On a large scale, this could mean injecting foam into the walls to seal off the outside air. But homeowners can actually see similar effects just by turning their attention to a major source of these pockets: their windows.

One of the easiest ways to insulate your windows is to use caulk—a waterproof sealant made from acrylic, latex, silicone, or a combination of them all. To insulate your windows using caulk, you must line the interior and exterior windowpane edges with an even coating of the substance. This will fill the holes that otherwise would allow heat to escape.

How Insulation Saves You Money

When you turn on your heat and air conditioning unit, the machine will use energy to bring the home to the desired temperature, and then more energy to maintain that temperature. A poorly insulated house, however, will let the warm air escape from air pockets. The home’s unit, wanting to preserve its setting, will then continuously use up more energy as a counterweight to this lost air. With this increased energy comes a heftier energy bill.

If you want to understand how insulation saves money on your electricity bill, you should think of home insulation as an opportunity to lessen the burden on your heat and air conditioning unit. When you bring down the amount of work put on those machines, you lower the cost needed to keep them running.

Replace the Windows

For people looking for a more professional and complete approach to air pocket elimination, you can always consider scrapping your current windows altogether and starting over. At the Window Source of the Rockies, our approach to installing new windows in Colorado Springs will seal and insulate your home from money-draining air pockets.