Home Improvement Center vs. Custom Manufactured, Windows and Doors | Which is Better?

If this is a question that you are asking yourself, do some research before opening your wallet. The information found here is meant to educate you on making an informed decision between the two products. Before we get started, just by looking at the two pictures below, which one makes you feel good about buying windows?

But hey, if you’re like me, a home improvement store is the first place that I learned anything about windows and doors. For one, they carry national name brand products that we have all heard of for years. How can a store with the words home improvement in their name not have a good product, right? I have since learned, the product that I thought so proudly boasted the flashy name with great performance was in fact the lowest quality of their product line produced. In fact, most if not all these windows and doors are far below what should be reasonably expected from a consumer. Don’t just take my word for it, check out this link and read reviews of customers just like you that have something to say about their experience of buying window from a home improvement center.

The windows and doors purchased from your neighborhood hardware and lumber store are referred to as builder grade, contractor grade, and new construction. Windows and doors that are sold at home improvement centers have been mass produced, which means low quality of fabrication and materials used. This is where the “stock” sizes comes from. That means low performance from these products. Here is a little secret that some people know but most don’t… Builder grade, is the grade a developer or contractor will typically use to save themselves money while developing an area. This quality of window, from the options, efficiency, and warranty, are not what you would have chosen if you had been there when the house was built. A landlord or house flipper may use this grade as well. These people are in business to make themselves money, what do they care if the product fails in a couple of years? Builder grade, is used only because it is inexpensive. By no means does this cheap product add value to a house or property. Generally, this grade of product only carries a 3 to 5 year warranty. Why not pay just a little more for a superior product with elite performance, from a custom company, like us? Looking for more facts on home improvement windows vs. custom windows? Look at what other custom companies have to say…

The Window Source of the Rockies works directly with the manufactures. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of buying from us.

  • You will have a manufacture trained professional, on the phone and in the field to help you chose what custom features you want and need your windows and doors to have. If you have questions, you will be able to call and get them answered, no shuffling through customer sales associates, or waiting for the customer associate to be available.Try and find that kind of customer service with your local home improvement store.
  • We are a locally owned business with a strong sense of supporting our local community. We will be there every step of the way to help you, our customer, through the whole process. We are also part of a national franchise and obtain corporate backing and buying power.
  • For some reason everyone thinks there is a magical “stock” size. This is not a perk or benefit in this industry. Trying to find a stock sizes is not as easy as it sounds. They come in limited sizes, not even mentioning the lack of energy efficiency. Actually, what is easiest, is to fit the window to the hole and not trying to make the hole fit the window.An expert would know this.
  • You may not know this but a huge part of the window buying process is the installation. If the window is not properly installed you lose most, if not all, of the energy efficiency, leaving you left with the same high utility bills and possible damage to your house. Those who choose this route for windows will have no way of knowing what level the installer is that will be working on and in their homes. If there are any problems after the installation you will be asked to contact the manufacturer, end of story. The box store is out of the picture and is no longer a point of contact if you have problems, good luck. If this does not not sound like the level of customer service you want, contact us. After talking with The Window Source of the Rockies, you will find that we have a manufacture trained, master installer. Who better to instal the windows in your home than a trained pro?
  • In contrast, if you have any issues during or after the install, The Window Source’s experienced team will happily take care of you. You can call and speak with a trained professional anywhere from 1 day to 10 years after the install. Just call us and we will be there to resolve the issue. Many times we have found that the “stock” windows may be cheaper (low quality) from a box store but the price of the instal is more expensive and can more than make up for the price difference. Moreover, if you place a custom order with a box store, many times their prices exceed the custom pricing with no upgrade in quality.

Remember, its your home. Don’t let just anybody sell to you and install your windows without doing a little research on them and their product first. If you find that’s not an option, search for another company. Reviews are a great place to start. Here is what some of our customers are saying about us.