Helpful Tips for Cleaning Your Awning Windows

Although they look amazing and increase airflow in your home, awning windows can be tough to clean. Usually, if you want to clean an awning window, you need to climb a ladder just to reach them.

Nonetheless, there are ways to simplify this procedure. With that in mind, here are a few helpful tips for cleaning your awning windows.

Remove the Screen and Clean It Thoroughly

Cleaning your awning window might be difficult but taking off your screen is easy. First, locate the tabs or small pins on each side of the screen. Then, loosen the pins before you remove them from the screen.

After loosening and removing the pins, pull the screen in towards you. To clean your screen, all you have to do is leave it in a large bathtub or sink with warm, soapy water and scrub it with a brush. After you rinse it off, leave it out to dry before you place it back in the window frame.

Wipe Off Your Frame With a Washcloth

For the frame, grab a washcloth and dip it in the same warm, soapy water solution that you used for your screen to wipe your frame down. As you wipe, be sure to follow the perimeter of the glass and eliminate any dirt or grease spots from the surface.

After you wipe off your frame, dry it with a different cloth so that streaking doesn’t occur. There should be no moisture left on the frame after you finish wiping it.

Polish the Glass Nicely

Using your favorite glass cleaner, go ahead and polish the glass of your awning window so that you can see through it clearly. Before washing off the exterior, be sure to open your window fully so you can reach all areas. Then, with your window still open, go inside and wash it from that angle.

Lubricate the Moving Parts and Replace the Screen

Any window with moving pieces needs lubrication for the components to function properly. If you clean off these pieces regularly, it will help you avoid any problems with opening your window.

All you have to do is spray some silicone-based lubricant into a cloth and wipe down your cranks and hinges with it. After you lubricate all the mechanical components, all you have to do is replace your window screen, and you will finish cleaning all the essential sections of an awning window.

Overall, if you have an awning windows in Colorado Springs or some other area, you don’t have to stress out about cleaning it. Now that you know some helpful tips for cleaning your awning windows, you know what you need to do to keep your windows looking spotless