Casement Windows: 3 Things to Consider Before You Buy

If you’re in the market for some new windows, you should look at as many different types as you can before deciding on which ones to purchase. The Window Source of the Rockies offers many styles of windows including casement windows. With the increasing popularity of casement windows, they are an excellent choice for you to purchase.

However, there are a few variations in models of casement windows that you should be familiar with. Here is your guide to casement windows: three things to consider before you buy.

Whether They Come With Insulated Glass

Some casement windows come with insulated glass. Window manufacturers will insulate the glass in order to make them more energy-efficient and reduce heat loss in homes.

Companies vacuum seal multiple window frames to create insulated glass, and they often use argon to fill in the space between frames. However, depending on where the space is and which materials the manufacturer used for the frame, the insulation will vary. Regardless of where and how your windows get insulated, they will still look amazing.

How Energy Efficient They Are

The reason why casement windows have become increasingly popular is that they are energy efficient. Nonetheless, the level of energy efficiency varies from window to window. At The Window Source of the Rockies, we offer the highest-rated energy-efficient windows in the area.

If you want the most energy-efficient windows, you will want to choose ones with a Low-E coating. A Low-E coating is a microscopic layer of chemicals that blocks out UV and infrared radiation.

It does this while also allowing light to enter, which maximizes energy efficiency. Naturally, if you purchase casement windows in Colorado Springs, the amount of light entering your home will differ from the amount you might gain in California or Florida.

The Hardware It Comes With

Your window could have the strongest glass known to man, but if the hardware around it is inadequate, then it won’t matter. If your window has low-quality hardware, it could damage the glass and make your home less energy efficient. Therefore, before purchasing casement windows, be sure to look at the handles, hinges, and gears to ensure that they are of high quality.

Overall, casement windows are a fantastic option for anyone that’s in the market for new windows. Now that you know all about casement windows: three things to consider before you buy, go ahead and use this knowledge to make the best purchasing decision possible.