Best Strategies for Cleaning Your Windows

It can be difficult to keep your windows and mirrors streak-free. We frequently spend countless hours washing and wiping them only to be left with the glass nearly as bad as it was before. Using the right equipment and methods, on the other hand, will make this time-consuming task much easier. It’ll leave your glass surfaces gleaming bright and even spare you a bit of money in the process. Check out this list of the best strategies for cleaning your windows.

Start at the Top

Wiping the glass from the top to the bottom will ensure it’s completely streak-free. Always account for gravity when using any cleaning solution as they will drip. Before you begin cleaning the glass, ensure that no drips will occur on the glass surfaces that have already been cleaned.

DIY Window Cleaner

Sometimes, homemade treatments can do the best job. They’re less expensive and don’t include any unknown ingredients. Combine one cup of rubbing alcohol, one of cup water, and one tablespoon of vinegar to make your own glass cleaner. When you combine isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar, the result is a fast-evaporating glass cleaner rivals commercial products. This can also be used to give hard tiles, chrome, and other surfaces a great shine.

Wait for a Cloudy Day

You’d assume the contrary is true because the sunlight makes the debris on the glass more visible. The sun, on the other hand, can cause the window washing fluid to dry too quickly, leaving residue and streaks. In order to get the streak-free shine, wait for a gloomy day to wash your windows. This is a little-known method, and it’s also one of the best strategies for cleaning your windows.

Use a Squeegee

If the first wipe of the cloth fails to remove all the cleaning solution, you’ll have streaks if you don’t clean the glass thoroughly after each wipe. So, use another tool—a squeegee! Polishing each part of the window with a squeegee is easy. (It also works for cleaning showers.) Use a long-handled squeegee when cleaning large windows. This method is especially useful for large picture windows, which the Colorado Springs area can get from us here at Window Source of the Rockies.

No one likes cleaning their windows. It takes forever and you’re almost never totally satisfied with how they came out. But using the strategies mentioned above, you can achieve a pristine, streak-free shine.