Basement Hopper Installation in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for the best window option for your basement? Our basement hopper window is the perfect solution for any temperature-regulated home! We’ve created the hopper window specifically for finished basements.

Compared to other window types, the easy-to-use hopper provides a ventilation option, that works perfectly with outside window wells or other small space areas. They also provide a great aesthetic and add light to small spaces.

What is a basement hopper window?

Hoppers windows are used for light and ventilation in compact spaces. Hopper-style windows open downward and inward. To open the window, you pull the top of the window in toward you.  Hopper windows have a slight upward tilt when open. Colorado homeowners commonly install basement hopper windows because outside debris won’t freely flow into your home if the window is level with the ground. They can be paired with picture windows to provide ventilation and extra light. The hopper windows for sale through The Window Source feature heavy-duty hinges, and you can open and close the windows by hand.

basement hopper windows in a living room  by The Window Source of The Rockies
basement hopper window by The Window Source of The Rockies

Why choose hopper windows?

These windows have been around since the 1800s—you’ll often find hopper-style windows in Colorado Springs, especially in older Victorian homes where they brighten and freshen up otherwise dark and musty rooms.  We often install basement hopper windows, but they’re also popular in bathrooms and laundry rooms where fresh air circulation prevents mold growth. The hopper windows for sale on our site also reduce humidity in bathrooms. When you open one of these windows before taking a shower, it will let most of the water vapor outside to keep the bathroom from fogging up. Hopper-style basement windows are very energy efficient and provide excellent security. 

At The Window Source of the Rockies, we are passionate about our American-made windows and doors. We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly materials to help you achieve your home improvement dreams. Our experts are familiar with new and old homes, and they can recommend the best replacement options for your region. We understand the changing climate and provide windows that can withstand high altitudes, changing temperatures, and intense UV rays. Decrease your energy bill and improve your curb appeal with money-saving upgrades.

Our selection offers excellent choices for hopper window replacement for your Colorado Springs home. Contact The Window Source of the Rockies today for affordable hopper-style windows.

Basement Hopper Features

  • Triple-barrier weather-stripping provides superior protection in inclement weather.

  • Energy-efficient design allows you to save on costs and keep your home comfortable.

  • Tilts in for ventilation and cleaning.

  • Provides superior strength and durability against wind and weather.
basement hopper window graphic by The Window Source of The Rockies

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We love our new windows from The Window Source! After years of drafty old windows, our new double-hung windows are doing a great job keeping out the noisy cold wind. They are easy to keep clean and really add a lot of light! John and Donna were easy to work with and answered all our questions without any pressure to purchase from them. Rob and his crew did a great job and replaced all 26 windows in just 2 ½ days! Everyone we worked with was very friendly and professional. We highly recommend The Window Source for any window needs!
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I can't say enough great things about the Window Source. John installed our windows today and he did a bang up job. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the products he is installing and takes the time to discuss with you all of the different options you have and which products will fit your needs and why. I couldn't be happier with the quality of my new windows and how quickly and efficiently they were installed. If you need new windows, the Window Source of the Rockies is where you want to go. Ask for John and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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Don't wait, hire them! Amazing company! Customer service is top notch! I highly recommend them! Friendly, local company that you won't regret doing business with. We have had all the old, ugly, original 1997 windows in our house replaced and awaiting on the last huge window to be replaced. Our new windows look wonderful and we have noticed a sharp dip in our electric bill and steady temperature of our house. By far one of the best companies I have come across! They genuinely care about their customers.
Melissa Simmons
The Window Source of the Rockies - So glad we picked your windows for our house. Beautiful windows, wonderful communications with the company and the installations were professional, custom works. We enjoyed polite and respectful dealings start to finish! Thank you.
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The Window source was SO helpful. They went through everything with us so we found the best ones for our home and our budget. We did half one year and we loved them so much we went and replaced our other windows with them the next. Not only were they helpful and lovely windows, but the customer service was great. I called months later to ask about receipts and energy ratings (for tax stuff) and they remembered me and took the time to help me get all the info I needed. I would recommend them to everyone looking for windows!
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